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So, you want to know more about Compliance Check.

Compliance Check is a program designed by an insurance agency Sales Manager for insurance agents.  Its basic purpose is simple.  It is a tool designed to 1) help agents sell more insurance, 2) get in front of prospects that are happy with their current agents and 3) offer a dimension of service to clients that significantly exceeds the competition.

Many sales programs are designed to focus on the unique services that an insurance agency offers.  The only problem with this approach is that most agencies offer similar services and, even when an agent can offer better service, it is very difficult to convince an otherwise satisfied prospect that your service really is better.  Agents have been making promises of great service and great rates for so long that the typical prospect tends to tune out the promises.  Think about it. How are you going to get a prospect that has had a relationship with their agent for 10, 15 or 20 years (with no service problems) to believe that you really offer something better?

In reality, haven’t you found that many of your best clients will always give you a last look whenever someone else offers a good rate or comes up with an idea that you haven’t considered?  If your clients will do that for you, isn’t it likely that other agents also get a last look with their clients?  It seems that we have trained our clients and prospects a little too well.  We believe that with our client, we should always get a last look, but with a prospect, we thing that the other agent doesn’t deserve the same opportunity.  Don’t we really have a double standard?

Compliance Check is all about raising standards.  If you really like business the way it is, then Compliance Check probably isn’t for you.  Many agents have struggled with the prevailing perception that insurance is a commodity.  If, however, you are tired of being compared apples to apples or even worse yet, coming in second place, then Compliance Check might be for you.  One of the problems with our business is that second place doesn’t pay very well.  As a matter of fact, in our experience, second place doesn't pay anything at all.

Compliance Check is a truly proactive agent-driven service program.  One of the ways that Compliance Check makes a difference is in our "Service before the sale" marketing concept.  We believe that prospects are tired of inflated promises and they generally don’t like to hear other agents picking on their agent.  We believe in providing a level of service that is so high that a point will come when your prospect puts you in the driver’s seat.

In addition to the benefits for new business, Compliance Check can really help you to differentiate yourself with outstanding service on your existing accounts.  We’re not talking about helping people with billing issues, ID cards, certificates of insurance, claim problems or fast responses to telephone calls.  We want to help you look at areas that really help a business in not only reducing exposure, but improving policies, practices and procedures.  It is our desire to help you offer service that helps your clients with the risks that are inherent in just being an employer.  These are issues that other agents don’t even talk about such as Employee Manuals, FMLA, EEOC, Records Retention, ADA, I-9 Forms, Sexual Harassment, FLSA and more.

Compliance Check is a program that not only helps to train producers in these risk management techniques, but also provides customized materials that allow you to produce handouts, mini-proposals, audits, presentations and administration materials for your clients and prospects.  We want to promote a level of service that is so significantly better than that offered by anyone else that making a decision of who should be an agent no longer comes down to a spreadsheet with the incumbent agent always getting a last look

We want to raise the bar.  We want to raise the bar so high that the competition won’t even be able to see the bar.  If you really want to give great service and change the rules of engagement, try Compliance Check.  We have agencies in over 30 states that are truly having fun again.  They have been through all of the sales courses, learned all of the tricks and traps of insurance just like your competitors.  What they now have is a tool, a strategy and a process for making significant impact on their ability to write and keep profitable accounts.

One thing you won't find on this site or in any of our marketing materials are promises of huge increases in your book of business or dramatic stories about how easy it is to go out and start selling with Compliance Check. No one can truly guarantee that their program will double or triple your sales and nothing worthwhile is easy. Compliance Check is not a quick fix or a magical formula and it isn't for everyone. It’s just simply extraordinary service that will set you apart from your competition.

Please explore this web site to learn more about Compliance Check. This site cannot possibly answer all of your questions about this program. In part, this is because we want to protect those agents who are already using Compliance Check. If you want to know more, please contact us. If you are in an open territory, we are happy to discuss Compliance Check with you.


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